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1. IMPORTANT: Before installing, make sure your color resolution is set to thousands of colors. Also, be sure your anti-virus software is deactivated for the duration of the download and install.
2. Go to and download the MAC OS X version from the site. Your Download Manager will automatically activate.
3. Once the download is complete, UnStuff will activate and unpack the needed Aquarium files.
4. When this is finished, you will have a new folder on your desktop named Marine Aquarium. In this folder is the Aquarium.saver file the Aquarium application file and a link to our web site.
5. Click and drag the Aquarium application to your desktop for easy use.
6. Double click on the "Hard drive" icon on the desktop.
7. Double click on the "library" folder.
8. Click and drag the "Marine Aquarium.saver" file into the "Screen Savers" folder.
9. Go to the Apple Menu and select "System Preferences".
10. Double click on the Screen Saver icon.
11. Select "Marine Aquarium" from the list of screen savers.
12. The Marine Aquarium can now be run either from the desktop application or will come on as your screen saver.
13. The first time you run Aquarium you will see a single Yellow fish and a black instruction box. Press the space bar to bring up the registration window. Copy and paste your keycode into the registration space to avoid any possible input errors (Some characters can be easily mixed up i.e. the letter O and zero, capitol I and the number one, etc.) and press enter. After entering the code the first time, pressing the space bar will bring up the Settings menu.
14. Don't forget to reactivate your anti-virus software when you are finished.