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Marine Aquarium 3.2 Installation Instructions

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Marine Aquarium 3

To properly install SereneScreen Marine Aquarium, follow the instructions below:
1. IMPORTANT: Before installing, please quit any applications that may be running. it may be necessary to deactivate any virus scanners to ensure a proper and complete installation.
2. Go to and download the latest version from the site.
3. Save the downloaded install file to your computer. Don't forget where you save it..
4. After downloading the program from the site, find the folder you downloaded to and double-click on the MarineAquarium3 file. This will run the Marine Aquarium 3 Setup Wizard, which will install Marine Aquarium 3 on your computer, simply read and follow the instructions for installation.
5. Please read and accept the license agreement to continue.
6. Please disable your virus scanner to ensure the program installs correctly. DirectX 9.0c or higher is required to run Marine Aquarium 3 and can be downloaded by clicking the supplied link if needed.
7. Select the install location.
8. Customize your start menu.
9. Create desktop and quick launch icons.
10. Click 'Finish' to continue.
11. The 'Display properties' window is displayed when the screen saver is set to run by default. Click 'Settings' to adjust the look of your new fish tank, or click 'OK' to continue.
12. The screen saver should start automatically after a few minutes, or your can launch it from your desktop by double clicking on the Marine Aquarium 3 icon.
13. When prompted, copy and paste your keycode into the 'Register' Dialog.
14. The Marine Aquarium 3 loading screen.
15. Marine Aquarium 3 is now installed and running on your computer.
16. Press the space bar to customize your tank.