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"I bought your remarkable aquarium not only for its beauty— but by way of showing in hard cash, how much the genius and talent of the creator is appreciated. In this world, saying “gee!” is nice, but being able to pay one’s bills is even nicer! Please keep me informed of new products. I am delighted to spend my $$$ on such beauty!". - Ron R.

"Well, someone has finally done it. A screensaver that is actually better than using your computer in the first place." - R.N. (Australia)

"Excellent screen saver!!! My three-year-old (he has the attention span of a fruit fly) was transfixed for nearly half an hour..." - D.O. (Canada)

"Hi, I would like to tell you something about your screen saver 'OH MY GOD ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!' I am a keen fish keeper of tropical freshwater fish and would like to keep marine fish, but just not viable. I must admit your screen saver really blew me away". - M.M. (United Kingdom)

"Hello...let me just say 'wow, cool stuff!' Everyone in the company who saw your fish on my screen yelled 'I want it tooo'...that never happened before with any screensaver I run :)" - D.H (Germany)

"This is just friggin awesome !! Never in my life have I seen anything so amazing in a screensaver... I have purchased a DELUXE version right away." - K.L. (United Kingdom)

"This is the most realistic simulation of a living thing I've ever seen...THIS is what computers were originally dreamed and designed to do ... Don't miss it!!!" - N.G. (USA)

"This is by far the best 20 bucks I've spent on my computer in the past 10 years" - H.L. (USA)

"This is the only screensaver I think I've ever had where I purposely turn it on a few times a day just to stare at it..." -

"If you're a fan of virtual aquarium screensavers, prepare to have your socks knocked off... I was stunned at how lifelike the fish looked and moved" - A.D.

"This is my favorite screensaver of all time". - VooDooExtreme Website

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SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Reviews

You've seen aquarium screensavers before, but you've never seen anything like this! Hyper-realistic 3D fish swim at random in a hi-resolution reef tank.

I know another screensaver might seem trivial, but trust me, this is one of the best screen savers I've seen. You know that stupid phrase "you've gotta see it to believe it"? In this case it rings true.

If I were to rank the scores of aquarium screen savers that are available, this one would finish at the top.

This really is a particularly beautiful screensaver--not bad at all, we say. This is where DirectX shows what it is capable of. Just amazing....Check it out, you'll be impressed.

One of the most beautiful and realistic fish tank screen savers I've seen! It uses DirectX drivers, and besides, displays real-time fps! It really must be seen to be believed!

When I first saw this fully operational demo, I was stunned at how lifelike the fish looked and moved. The fish aren't just two dimensional textures moving back and forth across the screen, they are highly complex 3-D models with superb texture mapping and animation.

As most of you are aware, its very rare for us to post screensavers here at VE. This is my favorite screensaver of all time... Its a must download for anyone who even knows how to use the Windows screensaver feature.