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3.0 (1933) 2009-6-3  

  • RELEASE: Tanks: Total of 6 moving background objects
  • RELEASE: Tanks: Clock/Calendar
  • RELEASE: Tanks: Custom Logo support
3.0 (1735) 2009-3-2  

  • RELEASE: User Interface: Improved user interface for crystal selection
  • RELEASE: User Interface: Improved user interface for music player selection
  • FIXED: User Interface: Fixed Crash Bug on settings page
3.0 (1727) 2009-2-17  

  • FIXED: Upgrade: Fixed upgrade path logic
  • FIXED: Registration: Fixed Keycode registration
  • RELEASE: General: Added Crystal and Calendar to tank
  • FIXED: General: Fixed Multiple monitor bug
  • FIXED: Sound: Fixed sound initialization bug
3.0 (1605) 2009-2-4  

  • RELEASE: General: Early BETA Release of Marine Aquarium 3